Robin Hook and his merry men

1. Complete the statements correctly.

Robin Hood and his Merrie men lived in the forest as

b. The Sheriff wanted to arrest them 2.Robin Hood and his merry men attacked the rich as a.they wanted to give the money to the poor 3. Once Robin Hood met one of the Sheriff’s men b.who tried to catch him 4.When they came to the town C. Robin gave him so much drink that he fell asleep

6. What’s the word for

To rob- to steal from others or take things from them by force. To be dressed in — to have something on. To arrest — to seize by authority or law. To attack-to stop and hold something or somebody


  1. Make up sentences with the mixed words.

    1. Jim went out and sat on the steps.
    2. The postman looked in his bag.
    3.Again he sat on the steps.
    4.The postman took out a letter from his bag.
  2. Complete the sentences use the correct form of these verbs.

    close, drink, go, have, like, meet, speak, teach, wash

    1. She’s clever, she speaks four languages.
    2. Steve drinks a cop of tea.
    3.We usually have dinner at 7 o’clock.
    4. I like horror movies and often go to the cinema with my friends.
    5. The Museum closes at 5 o’clock on Saturdays.
    6. She is a teacher. She teaches English.
    7.Your job is very interesting. You meet a lot of people.
    8. Peter washes his hair every day.

  3. Put the correct verb forms.

    1. John has breakfast at 8 o’clock.
    2. Karen doesn’t have breakfast.
    3. How does Karen go to work?
    4. John goes to work by bus.
    5.My father works in Canada.
    6.He does not like travelling.
    7.He gets up at 7.
    8.What does he work on Saturdays?
    9. What does your father do?

Text 4

Mrs. Williams lived in a small street in London, and now she had a new

neighbour. Her name was Mrs. Briggs, and she talked a lot about her expensive

furniture, her beautiful carpets and her new kitchen.

‘Do you know,’ she said to Mrs. Williams one day, ‘I’ve got a new

dishwasher. It washes the plates and glasses and knives and forks beautifully.’

‘Oh?’ Mrs. Williams answered. ‘And does it dry them and put them in the

cupboard too?’

Mrs. Briggs was surprised. ‘Well,’ she answered, ‘the things in the machine

are dry after an hour, but it doesn’t put them away, of course.’

‘I’ve had a dishwasher for twelve and a half years,’ Mrs. Williams said.

‘Oh?’ Mrs. Briggs answered. ‘And does yours put the things in the cupboard

when it has washed them?’ She laughed nastily.

‘Yes, he does,’ Mrs. Williams answered. ‘He dries the dishes and puts them


B. Write these sentences. Put one of these words in each empty place:

an any no none some

1. Mrs. Briggs was rich, but Mrs. Williams was not. Mrs. Briggs had

some  beautiful carpets, but Mrs. Williams didn’t have any .

2. Mrs. Briggs had some expensive furniture, but Mrs. Williams had none .

3. Mrs. Briggs had an  expensive dishwasher, but Mrs. Williams did

not have any machines in her kitchen.

4. Mrs. Briggs had no nice roses in her garden, but Mrs. Williams had

some flowers in hers.

5. Mrs. Briggs had some big trees in her garden too, but Mrs. Williams

had none.

C. Write this story. Put one of these words in each empty place:

he him his her it its she

Mrs. Williams had a good baby: she never cried, and her clothes were

always clean. Mrs. Briggs was very surprised and said, ‘When my daughter

was small, I gave  lots of food, but . She cried a lot, and her  clothes were

always dirty. Why is your baby so different? How do you do ?’

‘Well,’ answered Mrs. Williams, ‘my first child was a boy. I always gave

him a lot of food, he got very fat, and his  stomach was always full. He

cried a lot and was dirty. Now I give my new baby much less, and she is
happy and clean.’

Grammar spots

Verb To Be
A) Use verb to be.
Hello I am Marla and I am
from Madrid in Span. I am
11 years old and I love music. I’ve got two sisters and one brother.
My brother is Alberto, he is
tall and thin and he loves computer
games. My two sisters are younger than me and my brother.I am the oldest of my sisters. My sisters
3 and 4 years old.
They like playing with dolls. I am very funny, I usually go out with my
friends Marta and Noella on Saturdays. They are 11 and 12 years old.My mum loves cinema and my dad loves sport and nature. I am very happy.

B. Complete the sentences. Use verb to be.
My teacher is American. We are at school

  1. Where is my dictionary?
  2. What is It?
  3. I am eleven years old.
  4. Are you OK?
  5. We are students
  6. Murray is my brother.
  7. Susan and Sanah are my friends.
  8. I am from Span.
  9. John is English.


1. John doesn’t like dancing. 2. do you need some water? 3.Hector is riding his horse. 4. Sara is catching the school bus now. 5. I need some eggs to make a cake. 6.Patricia bought a punch of flowers for me. 7.The soup was too hot for us. 8. I couldn’t get tickets for the concert. 9.Daniel wore her new dress yesterday. 10. Walter won the first price at school. 11.The pilot landed smoothly. 12. Alexander cried every night. 13. We enjoyed the theater play yesterday. 14.My grandmother is 60 years old. 15. American football player had an accident. 16.You visited the museum with Tom. 17.They had A big surprise last Sunday. 18. how many people did you meet?

Present continuous

1. Maria is cooking dinner. 2. Lily is reading a book. 3. John and Susan are working. 4. father is working in the garden. 5. Peter and Judy are writing on the whiteboard. 6. my mother is preparing dinner. 7. The teacher is writing in her notebook. 8. Anna is washing her dress. 9.My friends are watching TV. 10. Hellen is diving in the sea. 11. Pam and Peter are coloring the walls. 12. Grandpa is smoking a cigarette. 13. My sister is cutting some bread. 14. The girls are playing with their dolls. 15. Emma is wearing black trousers. 16. Henry and Lee are eating burgers. 17. Alvin is swimming in the lake. 18. The cats are not jumping over the fence. 19.Woody and Bean are looking for Tony. 20. Pappy is telephoning her friend.